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What to Eat and What Not to Eat When You Have Arthritis

If you’ve tried all sorts of different remedies to help reduce arthritis pain, don’t feel like you’ve hit rock bottom or like you’ve run out of options. There is a new arthritis diet that may greatly reduce your pain. Doctors have discovered that specific foods cause inflammation of the joints and muscles and that there […]

4 Common Habits That Worsen Arthritis

If your doctor has diagnosed you with arthritis, make sure you avoid common mistakes others tend to make. The following foods, activities, and bad habits should be avoided if you have this inflammation condition. Living a Sedentary Lifestyle The first mistake you might be making if you have arthritis is living a sedentary lifestyle. This […]

Stop the Pain: Foods That Help Reduce Inflammation

Having inflammation anywhere in the body is a sign that you have an immune system that has gone haywire. While inflammation can happen for any reason—illness, injury, or even simple muscle or tissue irritation—you do not want your body to stay in a state of inflammation because that can negatively impact your overall health. There […]

Quick and Simple Tips to Treat Arthritis Pain

If you are experiencing arthritis pain, you already know how severe it can be. You also know how much you struggle to find solace from all of the pain. This disease has yet to have a formal cure, but luckily, some tips can help you achieve some much-needed arthritis pain relief.  An excellent form of […]

Do You Have Arthritis Pain? Here’s How to Fix It

While you should not avoid seeing a doctor when you have arthritis, it is also great to consider some natural remedies. These include everything from exercising to using essential oils and herbs. Take a look at some of these recommended natural remedies for arthritis pain. Lose Excess Weight If you are currently overweight, your doctor […]

Inflammation and the Immune System

We all know that we need to stick to healthy lifestyle habits in order to have the kind of immune system that is strong enough to fight against any diseases. But how does the immune system work to protect us against these illnesses? Inflammation as the Immune System’s Master Method The term “Immune System” comes […]