3 Natural Tips to Restore Your Mental Prowess

There is nothing more frustrating than having something slip your mind unless it happens often. In this case, chances are you are dealing with memory loss or a natural decline in your cognitive functions. Thankfully, regardless of where you are on your current health journey, you can put these three tips into effect to help boost your memory.

Meditate Your Way To Memory Enhancement

Meditating has a lot of benefits to offer the mind and the body. It allows your brain to take a break and it can help your body heal. When you meditate you give your mind the silence it needs to catch up and catalog information that allows you to easily access it later down the road. Other benefits of meditation are lower blood pressure, reduced stress, and even pain relief. Habitual meditation can also help increase the amount of grey matter in your brain, which in turn will boost your brainpower. Grey matter naturally declines as we age, so anything that increases grey matter will help encourage cognitive health. Research has also proven that meditation is able to improve short-term memory regardless of age.

Make A Point Of Practicing Active Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a specific mental state that can help improve your memory and attention to detail. Make a point of focusing on your current situation and all the details involved. Instead of letting your mind wander, concentrate on your current feelings, surroundings, and the actions going on in front of you as they occur. While it may seem like meditation, it is more akin to active memorization. When you make a mental habit of paying attention to your current moment, you will be able to better recall the events long after they have passed. It will also help you to reduce your stress levels and improve your ability to concentrate at the same time. While you can get professional mindfulness training, it is also possible to practice active mindfulness on your own. It has been proven to help boost memory and also lower the risks of cognitive decline due to aging.

Check Your Vitamin D

Your body needs a wide assortment of vitamins each day to operate at its best. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that your body needs for proper brain function. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to memory loss or cognitive decline. Check your levels often, and take a supplement or change your diet as needed to maintain a constant supply. You can increase the food you eat that contains vitamin D, and also spend more time outside to increase your levels.

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