5 Cheap, Healthy Meals When You Hate to Cook

Do you want to eat healthier, but hate to cook? If you are also trying to stick to a budget, this can prove difficult as it removes a lot of the pre-packaged meal options. But don’t worry, even if you don’t intend to cook much, you can still put together affordable and nutritious meals.

Buddha Bowls, Burrito Bowls, and More

It’s all about the bowls! These are so handy and easy to put together when you hate to cook. Plus as a bonus, they rarely require much cooking at all and can be extremely budget-friendly. To put a bowl together, start with a base using ingredients like rice, potatoes, or shredded lettuce. These are all cheap ingredients that go a long way. You can then top it with your favorite veggies, a low-cost protein source, and add toppings like sour cream, hummus, or salsa.

Pasta Your Own Way

You can still have pasta when you are trying to eat healthier, as long as you put a healthy spin on it. For example, instead of your typical spaghetti with garlic bread, consider doing pasta with vegetables. Use more veggies in your sauce, or just do olive oil instead of tomato sauce, and add cooked veggies to the dish. On the side, have a little side salad instead of the garlic bread, and it’s much healthier.

Eggs Go With Anything

Eggs are one of the star players when you are on a budget, want to eat nutritious meals, and are not a big fan of cooking. Just about anyone can cook eggs, and they are done in only a few minutes. You can make any meal with eggs, from quiches to scrambled eggs with diced veggies. They are always good to have around for anyone who isn’t a big fan of cooking.

Use a Whole Rotisserie Chicken

While cooking your own chicken from scratch is going to be cheaper, the whole cooked rotisserie chickens at the grocery store might be a better option if you’re willing to trade convenience for a slightly higher price. For about $6-$8, you get an entire cooked chicken that feeds a family or gives you leftovers if it is just for one or two people. Serve it with a salad or veggies and rice, and your meal is done.

Sandwiches, Salads, and Wraps

For a quick meal, don’t forget about something simple like a sandwich or wrap. The ingredients for these foods are minimal, easy to find, and typically inexpensive as long as you pay attention to normal portion sizes.

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