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How Exercise Affects the Immune System

A recent study revealed that it only takes 20 minutes of exercise to give your immune system a boost. Serious exercisers may think that spending 20 minutes of moderate physical activity is more like a warm-up than an exercise period, however, researchers have found that 20 minutes is enough to jumpstart the anti-inflammatory activity of […]

Why Too Much LDL Cholesterol is Dangerous

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of high cholesterol many times throughout your life. You may have even seen commercials, cartoons or advertisements for products designed to keep the bad cholesterol away, but why is bad cholesterol such a big deal? Extensive research has revealed that having high cholesterol can be linked to a group […]

Top Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease

More and more people are suffering from acid reflux disease each year and the number of sufferers is astounding, therefore early detection and prevention is crucial. Acid reflux and heartburn symptoms can affect anyone of any age. According to modern research, the symptoms hit women as regularly as men. Infants and children are not excluded […]