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Do These 3 Habits Every Day to Keep Yourself Illness-Free

You may be considering changing your lifestyle so you can live a more illness-free and healthy life. You may know that changing your diet and exercise routine are part of that. After that, you may be drawing a blank. There are some daily healthy habits you can start doing to keep you illness-free. Here are […]

9 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body

You may have heard of the body detoxification cleanse that includes drinking a fresh lemonade mixture with cayenne pepper, salt, and maple syrup. This cleansing recipe is supposed to act as a laxative that will keep you hydrated and provide energy. The people who recommend this cleansing recipe suggest using it for a total of […]

Women’s Health: How Diabetes Affects The Female Body

Diabetes can affect both men and women, but some differences occur when a woman gets type 2 diabetes. If you have signs and symptoms of this disease or have recently been diagnosed, here are some things to know about having diabetes as a woman. You Can Get Gestational Diabetes One of the more unique things […]

Men’s Health: Heart Disease

Under the broad term of heart disease, the condition is broken down into different categories for causes of the disease. The top causes of heart disease for men are coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, arrhythmias, diseases affecting the valves, cardiomyopathy and hardening of the arteries. Heart disease ranks as the number one reason why […]

4 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Keep Your Gut Healthy

While many people know how they live their life can affect their health, there are still a good number of people on the planet that are somewhat unconcerned with or unaware of the consequences to their daily habits. People around these types of attitudes are likely to adopt similar beliefs about health, and while it’s […]

5 No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do at Home

When you begin a plan for an at-home workout, you may immediately go to the type of equipment you need. It may surprise you to find out there are several workouts that do not require equipment at all. The misconception is that these workouts will not give you the results you need in the time […]

4 + 1 Essential Supplements While Working Out

If you are someone who works out a lot, you might need some additional supplements and vitamins than those who are sedentary or only does a mild amount of cardio exercise. The more rigorous your workout routine, the more your body needs to be fueled with the right nutrients. Here are some essential supplements to […]

I Think I’m Healthy. Should I Visit My Doctor?

Have you been blessed with relatively good health? Do you find that you don’t use the services of a doctor very often and likely wouldn’t seek their help unless you were seriously ill? That’s a very common mindset. Why would you go to the doctor when you aren’t sick? In reality, well-care is an important […]

Tea Talk: The Wide Variety of Teas

A quick internet search reveals that there are over 3,000 types of teas in the world. These thousands of varieties fall into one of five basic categories: White, Green, Oolong, Black, PU-ERH. These are a spectrum of teas that range from un-oxidized (light and refreshing) white to oxidized (dark and intense) PU-ERH. Most people do […]

How to Maintain A Healthy Weight

Consuming healthy foods, beverages, and snacks, and getting regular physical activity may help you reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Making suitable lifestyle choices may also help men and women prevent some health issues. Also, presetting healthy eating and physical activity goals may help you improve your health. Here’s a quick overview of some […]