How to Stop Systemic Inflammation with the Keto Diet

What does your diet look like?

Are you eating carbohydrates and processed foods? What if all your health problems came from eating the wrong type of diet? Research shows that people who eat diets high in refined carbs (sugar) and processed foods containing unhealthy fats are prone to developing “systemic inflammation.”Medical research shows that the majority of chronic disease occurs due to prolonged systemic inflammation in the body. When we live with systemic inflammation, it affects every aspect of our being. You might find yourself dealing with gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, joint and muscle aches, and many more adverse effects. Over the last 20-years, the “ketogenic diet” has been gaining popularity with health communities for its ability to eradicate systemic inflammation from the body. So, what is the ketogenic diet, and how does it help you improve your health?

How Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

The ketogenic diet works through using a “macronutrient” profile of 90% healthy fats and 10% protein in your diet, with zero carbs. After a few days of not eating carbs, your body moves into a “ketogenic” state, where it starts burning fat for fuel instead of glucose generated from carbs. You have a few days where you feel tired and lethargic as your body uses up your glycogen stores, and then you suddenly wake up feeling great one morning as your body makes the transition to “ketosis.”As soon as you move into a ketogenic state, you’ll begin to notice massive reductions in inflammation in every biological system in the body. Your gut will feel lighter, your joints supple, and your hair and skin will look better.

Foods Suitable for the Ketogenic Diet

When you’re eating a ketogenic diet plan, you focus on healthy fats and protein as the primary foods in your diet. Healthy fats in nuts, avocadoes, and grass-fed dairy products are all suitable for the ketogenic diet. Make sure that you’re eating at least 90% fat in your diet. It might sound like lunacy, but eating fat doesn’t make you fat. If you have trouble creating a keto diet plan, visit a nutritionist for assistance with your meal planning.

Reduce Systemic Inflammation with the Keto Diet

“Going keto” is a bit of a trend at the moment. However, the diet rose to fame due to the amazing health benefits it offers the body. You’ll find that your systemic inflammation subsides, reducing or eliminating the inflammatory disease in your body.

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