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Lifestyle Changes to Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Living a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is an integral part of managing the condition. Here are some easy tips for making that happen. Watch Your Diet Living a healthier lifestyle to help with type 2 diabetes starts with your diet. This is one of the most important things to keep […]

5 IBS-Friendly Foods to Add to Your Diet

Although there are many foods that you will probably want to avoid, many people with IBS enjoy a wide range of meals. Though it isn’t always easy, there are ways to get the nutrients you need even though you have removed some foods from your diet. Preparation and reading are required if you want to […]

How to Regulate Your Energy as You Get Older

One of the most consistent complaints of aging is the lack of energy. Age and fatigue seem to be synonymous – so what is the connection? Is there anything we can do about it? One recent report that’s good news about aging and energy indicates we can do things to boost our energy levels as […]

4 Foods You Should Buy Organic and Why

Organic produce, meats, and other foods are often better quality than their non-organic counterparts. Oftentimes, the organic and non-organic foods will not defer by much, especially if the food does not require any pesticides to grow. However, there are some foods that we recommend you should generally buy organic for their quality and taste.  Wine […]

Follow This Simple Detox Every day and See Impressive Results

There’s no such thing as a one-day miracle diet, but that doesn’t mean a one-day detox won’t yield impressive results. By detoxing the body, the right way, people can give themselves the health boost they need to meet their long-term goals. Ahead, learn all about the benefits of detoxing and the best one-day detox options. […]

The Worst Foods You Could Ever Feed Your Brain

In the last few years, people interested in health have accumulated a massive amount of research to create health programs that will help them reach their personal goals. In this search, they’ve uncovered untold amounts of helpful information about the right kinds of foods to eat for cognitive health. However, do you ever wonder which […]

Acne Solutions: Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne

Are you constantly troubled by blemishes and reoccurring acne outbreaks? Are you tired of numerous trips to the doctor for high-priced medications and ointments that offer little relief? If so, you may want to try an effective, natural way to treat bothersome acne conditions. Unlike prescription medications, alternative acne treatments rarely cause harmful side effects […]

Women’s Health: Early Signs of Diabetes

If you are a woman and you fear that you might have gotten type 2 diabetes, you shouldn’t delay getting tested by your doctor. However, before you do that, it is good to look at some of the common signs and symptoms of having diabetes. Here are some common early signs that a woman has […]

4 Cost-Free Exercises You Can Do During Your Free Time

Many people are under the misconception that they can’t work out because they don’t have money for a treadmill in their home or they can’t pay the monthly fee for a gym membership. However, there are plenty of ways to exercise without spending a dime. Assuming you have workout clothes that work fine, which can […]

Are You Prediabetic?

When you have a blood test done by your doctor to check your blood glucose levels, also called blood sugar levels, it could come back as saying you are diabetic. Another option is that your blood glucose is higher than normal but not quite in the diabetes range. This means that you are pre-diabetic. It […]