Stop the Pain: Foods That Help Reduce Inflammation

Having inflammation anywhere in the body is a sign that you have an immune system that has gone haywire. While inflammation can happen for any reason—illness, injury, or even simple muscle or tissue irritation—you do not want your body to stay in a state of inflammation because that can negatively impact your overall health.

There is a simple and very inexpensive way to treat yourself when your body is under the weather. That is by consuming foods that help lower inflammation. Using food as a treatment is not only about abstaining from what you already know is bad for you.

In fact, forbidding yourself to eat a specific list of foods will only make you crave them even more. Moderation is always the key, but you should try not to let a lot of your food consumption consist of any foods high in saturated or trans-fat. These foods are usually processed items like lunchmeat, cookies, cakes, and high-sugar beverages. Instead, you want to choose foods that have a track record for reducing inflammation. Those are foods that are full of vitamins and rich in minerals. They also contain plenty of fiber and offer you the benefit of antioxidants, which can help ward off diseases.

One rule to remember when choosing food is that the closer the food is too beige, the less healthy that food can be for you. You want to load your plate with foods that have vibrant color—foods like fruits and dark leafy green vegetables. Try to avoid fruits and vegetables that are highly acidic in nature because these can aggravate an inflammation issue.

Eating meat is an excellent way to reduce inflammation, as long as it is the healthy kind. Some examples of healthy meats are fish, lean poultry, and other seafood that offer some of the valuable Omegas for your body. Nuts are a protein source like meat, and they can be a great addition to a diet that aims to lower inflammation. Look for nuts that are Omega-rich for the best selection. Fats are helpful for a diet that is used to fight inflammation, and you want to look for monounsaturated fats.

Choose to cook with olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Not only will choosing foods that fight against inflammation help you feel better, but they are also good for your heart because they lower your LDL cholesterol. In turn, this lowers your risk of heart-related diseases. Another side effect of changing the way you eat to prevent or stop inflammation is that because you will be eating healthier, you will feel better and lose weight as well.

So from now on, commit to lifestyle changes that are valuable to lowering the inflammation in your body. Another excellent food you can add to your diet that helps lower inflammation is UVA Tea from Orgaanics. Drink UVA Tea and never worry about your inflammation and urinary health again.

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