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What are Micronutrients?

Your body requires a lot of materials in order to maintain homeostasis or an internal balance. One of the more important materials comes in the form of nutrients. Nutrients can be divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. Today, we’re going to talk about micronutrients. What Are Micronutrients?   Micronutrient is a term used to describe minerals and vitamins in […]

Easy and Subtle Ways to Add Chia Seeds Into Your Diet

Chia seeds are something you may see in different drinks, health foods, and even in yogurt. This is due to chia seeds having an enormous amount of benefits, including 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 30% of the daily requirement of magnesium per serving. Though chia seeds are included in a number […]

How Juice Cleansing Can Replenish Your Immune System

You may have encountered people going on a juice cleanse before, where for a while, they only drink blended fruit juices in order to clear their system out. They do this for health reasons, sometimes to lose weight and sometimes to boost their immune system. You don’t have to go on a full cleanse to […]

Micronutrients: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Your body requires a lot of materials in order to maintain homeostasis or an internal balance. One of the more important materials come in the form of nutrients. Nutrients can be divided into macronutrients and micronutrients.  What Are Micronutrients?  Micronutrient is a term used to describe minerals and vitamins in general. Relative to your body’s […]

Noni Fruit: The Juicing Superstar You Need

When you start down a path to juicing, you may be looking for the most cost-effective and nutrient-packed juice you can make. This means going through a list of your needs and a list of fruits and vegetables that will meet those needs. One way to make a juice you like but also pack a […]

41 Simple Tips That Will Help You Eat Healthier

Healthy eating cannot be ignored if you want to become a healthier version of yourself. However, this is not always easy for everyone, especially in today’s world where we are exposed to tons of unhealthy food choices. On that note, here are some simple ways you can train yourself to make wise choices when it […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Elimination Diets

Elimination diets are not diets that you use for weight loss and are not meant to be followed long-term. Instead, they remove certain types of foods from your diet that might be triggering physical symptoms, such as from IBS or gluten intolerance, for you to add them then back one at a time to figure […]

Mind Your Oral Health by Eating These Foods

When you are trying to update your oral health routine and reverse some oral health issues, you may find yourself focusing on pastes and rinses. Those are a core part of your oral health plan, but you also need to look to other sources as well. What you eat is as important as how you […]

Are Eggs Really Bad For You?

As a healthy eater, you may be concerned about adding eggs to your diet. The reports often contradict one another, with some experts saying you should limit your intake to two per week and others saying two a day are okay. Eggs provide certain health benefits aside from providing the protein you need each day. […]