Are Eggs Really Bad For You?

As a healthy eater, you may be concerned about adding eggs to your diet. The reports often contradict one another, with some experts saying you should limit your intake to two per week and others saying two a day are okay.

Eggs provide certain health benefits aside from providing the protein you need each day. The protein factor is perfect for dieters because eggs make you feel full after eating them. In fact, eating just two eggs in the morning has been known to reduce caloric intake by up to 400 calories, according to the Rochester Center for Obesity in Michigan. 

Another benefit eggs offer is that they provide eyesight protection. Because egg yolks are packed with the antioxidant lutein, you get a built-in safeguard against damage to your retina. Lutein in the eggs stops any inflammation of the macular pigment, which is what shelters your retina from harmful light rays.

Want to boost your brainpower a bit? Eggs can even help your memory since a single egg yolk delivers 300 mcg of choline. Choline is one of the most powerful components of acetylcholine, which has been proven to provide flexibility to neurons in the brain that keep your memory intact. By ingesting a single egg, you’ve helped your neurons accept, process, and store information more quickly and efficiently.

If you’ve been plagued by urinary tract infections (UTIs), then you might also be glad to hear that eggs can help you stave them off in the future. Eggs contain peptides, which are found in the whites of eggs as a protein that binds to the infectious E. coli bacteria and doesn’t let them latch on to the walls of the urinary tract. 

Before you jump to conclusions that all eggs are bad for your health, you should weigh the information and where it’s coming from. A Harvard School of Public Health study found no link between the consumption of eggs and heart disease.  Some studies even show it improves your protection against stroke and heart attacks.

Saturated fat is what contributes to a rise in cholesterol, and eggs only contain 1.5 grams of saturated fat and 5 grams of the “right kind” of fat you want to put in your body.  In addition to being healthy, eggs contribute some beauty basics your body needs, like helping your hair and nails by providing sulfur, vitamins, and minerals. 

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