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9 Myths About Happiness and Aging

Studies have shown that there’s a strong link between your happiness and aging. Happy people don’t age as fast as people who just don’t enjoy their lives. One of the reasons for this is because people who are happier tend to be healthier than people who aren’t. They’re healthier because they’re proactive with their lives […]

What Causes Cholesterol Symptoms?

Some people mistakenly believe there are no high cholesterol symptoms, but that is a myth. While very subtle, you do get warnings that your cholesterol levels are out of control. Signs You Have High Cholesterol If you have experienced dizziness or angina (chest pain), it can be a sign that your cholesterol levels have already […]

4 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning, and the second cup, and the one you are having in the afternoon, so you can make it through the rest of the day. Drinking two to three cups of coffee per day has quite a few health benefits—from protecting you against diabetes and Alzheimer’s to reducing […]

3 Foods That Can Bolster Your Metabolism

When your metabolism is not working at its most efficient level, you are very likely to feel sluggish and tired even right after you have just woken up. This leads to a terrible cycle of restlessness and difficulty sleeping, loss of energy, and depression. Not to mention how much more difficult it is to lose […]

Foods Guaranteed to Improve Your Cholesterol

In recent years, high cholesterol has become a common issue among adults. The decline in the quality of food has heavily contributed to the rise in heart disease cases worldwide. Fortunately, there are healthy and natural ways to help maintain heart health and lower harmful cholesterol levels. There are foods born from nature that are […]

Eat More of These Foods to Look and Feel Younger

If you wish to tread the path of healthy aging, then you need to pay attention to your diet. Your body needs to have the right foods that deliver the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to be more efficient at rebuilding itself with the help of healthy fully-formed cells. For over 50 years, science […]

Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

Regardless of the large amount of time and money spent on research, scientists still haven’t unraveled all the truths about Alzheimer’s disease, including its causes. It makes this terrible disease even more horrifying. Despite this fact, there have been major innovative treatments and new, better approaches to dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Through research, we have […]

Anti-Aging Benefits of Micronutrients

When exploring the market aisles, it is impossible to not notice the plethora of creams and serums dedicated to anti-aging. However, it is no secret that these products contain many chemicals that may bring harmful side effects to its users. So what if you can take a path towards a more natural way of brightening […]