4 Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

Enjoy that cup of coffee in the morning, and the second cup, and the one you are having in the afternoon, so you can make it through the rest of the day. Drinking two to three cups of coffee per day has quite a few health benefits—from protecting you against diabetes and Alzheimer’s to reducing your risk of liver damage and depression. That is quite impressive, right? 

Forgo The “Good Stuff”

Before we dive into those health benefits in a little more detail, let me break the bad news to you. Coffee is good for you as long as you do not add a bunch of cream and sugar to it. It gets even worse when you choose artificial flavors and powdered creamers. Ideally, you want to drink your coffee black, although I will not tell if you want to add a splash of milk to it.

Health Benefits of Coffee 

For Diabetes

Coffee can help reduce your risk of developing diabetes. The exact science behind it is not known yet, but it seems that drinking a few cups of coffee per day can provide some protection from developing type 2 diabetes. It is important to note that if you add sugar and sweet creamers to your beverage, the health benefits seem to be negated. Coffee contains some soluble fiber and acts as an appetite suppressant, which may explain some of the helpful effects when it comes to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. 

For Metabolism

Coffee can also give your metabolism a little extra boost, which in turn helps you burn more calories. Combined with the appetite-suppressing effects I already mentioned, it is a great tool to keep in your toolbox when you try to lose a little weight or prevent those extra pounds from creeping on as you get older. 

For Liver Health

Next, let’s talk about how coffee can help your liver stay healthy. The liver is an important organ that is involved in all sorts of metabolic processes. Liver disease used to be a problem you only had to worry about if you drank too much. Sadly, these days, the main cause of liver cirrhosis is the food we eat. Our modern western diet seems to take quite the toll on it. Thankfully, drinking black coffee seems to give you some protection, and it may even help your liver recover. 

For Brain Health

Last but not least, let’s talk about the brain. I do not have to tell you that there is nothing better than a cup of coffee to help lift the morning fog or give you that extra boost of mental energy in the afternoon. That is not the only way coffee and caffeine help those little grey cells up there. Coffee also helps protect you against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Lifelong coffee drinkers have a lower rate of suffering from these types of mental decline than those who skip the morning cup of joe. 

So when choosing your coffee, choose 100% natural and one that is made from premium coffee beans like Good Leaf Ashitaba Instant Coffee from Orgaanics.

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