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6 Exercises to Shed off Belly Fat

Everyone wants to slim their midsection. However, nobody knows what belly fat exercises really help them to do it. Other than a healthy diet, there are many ways to help you toss out that spare tire you seemingly can’t get rid of. Here are some of them. Belly Dancing The best fat-busting exercise to do to help […]

5 No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do at Home

When you begin a plan for an at-home workout, you may immediately go to the type of equipment you need. It may surprise you to find out there are several workouts that do not require equipment at all. The misconception is that these workouts will not give you the results you need in the time […]

Workouts Guaranteed to Boost Your Cardiovascular Health

Making your health a priority takes time, preparation, and perseverance. Some find it hard to stick to a fitness routine, while others seem to thrive when they take ownership of their body and realize that no one will be there to force them to work out if they are not able to do it for […]

How to Stick With Your Workout Goals During Quarantine

No one is spared from the effects of a pandemic. Some activities are added to while some are crossed off from our daily to-do lists. Being adaptive and resilient in hard times like this are skills we all need to practice to help us survive the pandemic. Because most of us are forced to stay […]

Bodyweight Moves for the Upper Body

As you probably know, bodyweight exercises allow you to workout anywhere and usually with no equipment or weights, toning and strengthening your entire body. For some people, they really want to focus on their upper body, which is where the following moves benefit you the most. Pull-Ups and Push-Ups Two bodyweight exercises that are fantastic […]