How to Stick With Your Workout Goals During Quarantine

No one is spared from the effects of a pandemic. Some activities are added to while some are crossed off from our daily to-do lists. Being adaptive and resilient in hard times like this are skills we all need to practice to help us survive the pandemic. Because most of us are forced to stay home to minimize the risk of acquiring the virus, going to the gym is another essential activity we can no longer do. Exercise is crucial in maintaining a robust and well-balanced body, and we must not let it be compromised because of the pandemic. The good news is you can still achieve your workout goals from working out from home. Below are some workout habits you can do starting today.

Set a daily reminder

If working out were easy and effortless, nobody would be out of shape. However, in reality, it requires force, discipline, and yes, a lot of effort, especially now that you’re working out in the comfort of your home. All the distractions and reasons not to exercise are around you, luring you away from your goals. For this reason, you need to strategize and come up with effective ways of sticking to your workout routine no matter where you are. Begin by setting a daily reminder and religiously follow it. If you are just starting on your workout journey, you can allot at least 20-minute sweat off session every morning. This is an excellent way of remaining focused for the rest of the day.

Take advantage of online workout programs

While you can conveniently workout from home, there are some exercises you can’t do at home (unless you have a personal gym at home, that is). For instance, your workout routine requires you to carry weights or use a piece of special gym equipment, then you might have to resort to a different program. There are a great number of exercise programs available on YouTube which do not need any weights nor any equipment to perform. There are even websites that show you how to make your own home equipment using materials available at hand. However, take caution when doing this, as you might injure yourself if you do not ensure the strength and quality of those pieces of equipment.

Do plausible gym workouts at home

You do not have to completely cease from the workout routine you used to perform in the gym, even though there are a few exercises that are impossible to do at home. It will keep you motivated to workout from home if you continue to do doable gym exercises, and it is also a great way of forming a lasting workout habit.

Keep track of your achievements

The desire to see evidence of progress is part of our nature as humans. So keeping a record of your achievements and your current goals will guide and help you stay focused and motivated. You can record your weight the first day you begin exercising and keep a log as you continue with your workout routine. You can check your weight every month if you’d like. Your motivation will skyrocket when you see the fruit of your labor. Losing weight can make you realize just how effective exercising from home is and hopefully keep you at it. However, remember that your weight is not the only factor you should be concerned about. You should consider your entire physical health, too.

Get an exercise buddy

Some days (if not every day, let’s be real), exercising can be a disheartening activity. Sometimes, it even feels as if were are chained to the couch, and we can’t reach far enough to reach an ounce of motivation to get up and workout. However, doing excruciating activities with others seems to lift a significant weight off that boulder. Accountability is a fantastic way of ensuring you stay disciplined in achieving your goals. Find someone you can exercise with at home and hold each other accountable. Set goals and commit them together. If you have no one to workout with at home, you can resort to online workout buddies or using mobile workout apps.

Vary your exercises

Different exercises can help keep you interested in the workout schedule. It can also get rid of the boredom that you may otherwise face if you remain idle. There is an abundance of exercise routines available everywhere on the internet, so you will never run out of new programs to do.

Prioritize working out

If you have been thinking that having a workout schedule and sticking to it does not deserve to be part of your top priorities during a pandemic, then you cannot be farther from the truth. Your health is the first thing that will help you get through a crisis, and downgrading the need to workout would be downgrading your health, which is your lifeline. We all have top priorities and staying safe during a pandemic is one of them, therefore, exercising routinely should also top the list.

Monitor your diet

Working out and binging don’t and won’t come together and end up with your favorable results. As you workout, you also need to monitor your diet to harness the full benefits that exercise offers. Match your workout routine with appropriate means and stave off junk snacking as much as you can.

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Reward yourself

Reward yourself whenever you manage to stay focused on your goals. The rewards need not be anything grand and fancy. Even small rewards are great to keep you encouraged to exercise, while also helping you maintain the positivity that you need during a pandemic.

Wear proper workout attire

Not because you are at home and no stranger can see you, does not mean you should not wear proper workout attire. Think as if you are working out at the gym and wear what you would wear if you were there. Wearing proper workout gear will tune your mind to that activity and make you feel and experience exercise the same way you would in a regular gym.

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