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How to Deal With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a problem that many people face. It’s more than just feeling tired for a few days. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a feeling of fatigue for more than six months. It can also be accompanied by problems with concentration and memory. Sometimes, in addition to feeling fatigued people also experience sore throat, […]

Are Your Energy Levels Low?

Low energy levels can cause depression, health problems, and lack of focus. If you’re doing everything you can to promote energy in your lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and reducing stress in your life, you may have another problem – either mental or physical. Some main symptoms and signs that may indicate […]

Here’s Why You Need to Quit Drinking Energy Drinks

Who isn’t tempted to grab one of the many popular energy-boosting drinks when we have a big deadline or feel that we have to get some energy going in order to finish the day? The market is taking advantage of our craving for energy by introducing more and more energy drinks that claim instant energy. […]

Women’s Health: 3 Simple Ways to De-stress and Get More Work Done

Between careers, kids, aging parents, relationships, finances, and who knows what else, women have a lot of things that can potentially cause great stress in their lives. Stress can cause a compromised immune system, depression, weight gain or loss, loss of sex drive, difficulty concentrating, and just plain crabbiness. What can we do to help […]

Women’s Health: What You Can Do to Combat Lethargy

Women worldwide are suffering from a lack of energy to do what needs to be done in our hectic lifestyles. Lethargy is defined in the dictionary as, “A state of physical slowness and mental dullness resulting from tiredness, disease or drugs and…lack of energy, activity or enthusiasm.” That definition of what women experience almost every […]

How to Power Up Your Energy Quick

No matter how you take care of yourself, eating well, and exercising, you’re all bound to succumb to stress, workload, occasional sleeplessness, and demands on your time and energy. During these times, you need to have an arsenal of energy boosters that can pick you up off the floor and get you going again in […]

A Basic Guide in Understanding Fatigue

What is fatigue? If you’re tired and even lethargic a lot of the time, you may be feeling it.  Everyone gets tired from time to time. Maybe you’re under stress or have had a bad night of sleep. But when is fatigue normal and when does it become a medical problem? Fatigue is your body’s […]

6 Natural Energy Boosters For When You’re Feeling Sluggish

You probably already know some of the natural energy boosters that can get your mind and body going – like a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar, or a high-calorie snack. The problem with those boosters is that they only last a very short amount of time. Then, when you come down from the temporary […]

How You Can Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disease that causes a person to become so tired that normal daily function is impaired. The tiredness that is experienced is so severe that mental and physical activity or movement make this condition worse, and rest usually doesn’t diminish the fatigue. This disease is a difficult one to diagnose […]

The Truth: Do Energy Supplements Really Work?

Energy supplements are the newest trend for those of us who aren’t getting all the energy-boosting nutrients that we need in our diets. We also live in a stressful world that can zap our energy and leave us mired in things to do and not enough energy to do them. Although there aren’t a lot […]