Women’s Health: What You Can Do to Combat Lethargy

Women worldwide are suffering from a lack of energy to do what needs to be done in our hectic lifestyles. Lethargy is defined in the dictionary as, “A state of physical slowness and mental dullness resulting from tiredness, disease or drugs and…lack of energy, activity or enthusiasm.”

That definition of what women experience almost every day is depressing. Even things or events that women should be happy and excited about seem to drain your energy and make it difficult for you to enjoy even the fun stuff.

The good news is that there is help for the constant drain on your energy levels, and it doesn’t involve taking a pill or drinking an energy drink. Here are some of the ways to boost your energy and become enthused about life again:

  • Eat Breakfast. It may sound simplistic, but eating a good and balanced breakfast is the key to living an energetic and healthy lifestyle. Begin every day with a good, high fiber breakfast, and you’ll notice the difference.

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  • Magnesium. Aside from eating a healthy and balanced diet, you may feel lethargic if your magnesium level is low. Magnesium turns glucose into energy, so eat foods that give you that magnesium boost.
  • Power Nap. Our overloaded and overwhelming lifestyles can sometimes leave our brains numb and our energy drained. Taking a power nap isn’t laziness – it’s freeing your mind so you can be more creative and productive.
  • Power Foods. Keep power foods on hand for quick boosts of energy—peanut butter, nuts such as hazelnuts or almonds, apples, and other foods that can deliver the power you need.
  • Hydration. Don’t leave water out of the energy equation. Unless you’re drinking plenty of water during the day, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which can cause severe slumps in energy levels.
  • Brisk Walk. Getting up from the couch or your desk and taking a brisk walk around the block can revitalize your energy and renew your thinking powers. This brief respite from work or whatever you’re working on can get your blood flowing, and you’ll end up accomplishing more.

Women everywhere are juggling an almost inhuman workload at work, at home, and in their personal lives. The results are chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, and depression. When most women feel down, they tend to try and boost their energy and mood by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar.

The vicious circle they find themselves in can eventually harm their health and other aspects of their lives, such as relationships. Women need to put themselves first to be the best they can be for others in their lives. Take time for yourself, eat a healthy diet, and add some exercise to each and every day.