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Are Your Energy Levels Low?

Low energy levels can cause depression, health problems, and lack of focus. If you’re doing everything you can to promote energy in your lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and reducing stress in your life, you may have another problem – either mental or physical. Some main symptoms and signs that may indicate […]

A Busy College Student’s Guide to Exercise

When you head off to college, you might be a little concerned about the ‘Freshman 15’ that so many people talk about. This is a risk for various reasons—from unhealthy foods you tend to eat to other unhealthy habits when you’re busy studying and spending time with your friends. However, just because you are in […]

How to Stay Active by Fueling Your Nutrition

It’s important to eat right at all times. But when you live an active lifestyle, you have to be sure you’re fueling your body right to keep up and not get run down and even get sick. If you don’t have the proper nutrients and end up running around like crazy, you are more likely […]

How to Regulate Your Energy as You Get Older

One of the most consistent complaints of aging is the lack of energy. Age and fatigue seem to be synonymous – so what is the connection? Is there anything we can do about it? One recent report that’s good news about aging and energy indicates we can do things to boost our energy levels as […]

Surprising Techniques for Urgent Energy Boost

No matter how you take care of yourself, you are still bound to succumb to stress, workload, occasional sleeplessness, and demands on your time and energy. During these times, you need to have an arsenal of energy boosters that can pick you up off the floor and get you going again in a short amount […]