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A Quick Beginner’s Guide to Preparing a Natural Poultice

You may be wondering what a poultice is and why you would want to use it. You might have already used a poultice but may not realize it because you call it something else. A poultice is a pack or salve that helps with the healing of sore muscles, skin issues, or other forms of […]

Experience Healing With Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are lamps made from Himalayan salt. They are known to create a cleaner environment and promote healing in a variety of ways. This is due to the heat of the light bulb activating the ions in the salt of the lamp. These beautiful lamps not only provide gentle decor in your home […]

Understanding Acupuncture and Its Healing Power

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that uses hair-strand thin needles in different pressure points of the body. These pressure points provide various health benefits, including helping with allergies, muscle pain, chronic health problems, and even infertility. Keep reading to learn more about acupuncture and how it can help you. Purpose of Acupuncture […]

Stressed Out? Take off Your Shoes and Try Earthing

If you have ever suffered or are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, or depression, then you know how difficult it is to manage. What triggers these conditions vary among people, and everyone has their own way of dealing with the side effects. Hence, it is a matter of distinguishing what works […]

The Healing Treatment That Will Cost You Nothing

Whether or not you are familiar with healing mantras, they can help you overcome a variety of health problems. For the uninitiated, a healing mantra is a short, positively inspired statement that you say to yourself. Whether you write them down in your journal, utter them in front of a mirror, or even use them […]

Signs of Needing a Detox

You may have heard about others doing a detox, but is it really something you need to participate in? It is possible that your body or mind has been giving you some subtle signs that it is time to cleanse your entire system, without realizing it. Here are some common signs of needing a detox. […]