Stressed Out? Take off Your Shoes and Try Earthing

If you have ever suffered or are suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, or depression, then you know how difficult it is to manage. What triggers these conditions vary among people, and everyone has their own way of dealing with the side effects. Hence, it is a matter of distinguishing what works for you. Nonetheless, one method that works great for many people is grounding oneself through earthing. Read on to learn more information about how this method works.

The Basics of Earthing

Earthing is a therapeutic technique where you put your bare feet on the ground (the earth) to help “ground” you. You can get many benefits from this method, including anxiety and stress reduction, relief from ailments like chronic pain and inflammation, and even energy from the earth itself.

It is a requirement for earthing to always use your bare feet on earth, whether it is dirt, grass, sand, or even water, like in the ocean. The concept is that you get free electrons when your bare feet touch the earth, which can help to combat free radicals in your body. You acquire healing energy directly from the earth’s surface, so it is crucial to touch actual ground, like dirt or real grass, nothing human-made, like gravel

How Grounding Combats Anxiety

The primary purpose of earthing is to help ground yourself. It is incredibly beneficial if you struggle with anxiety or depression. There are instances when you need to ground yourself to escape an anxiety or panic attack. You need to ground yourself to be reminded of where you are and to help you eliminate those panic thoughts. Earthing will help you to be more mindful of your surroundings, while you also harness all the incredible natural energy that helps your mind and body relax even more.

Beginner Tips

If this is your first time learning about earthing for mental health and would like to try it, all you need is to set foot outside. Take off your shoes and find some earth to stand your bare feet on. Practice the technique for at least 20 to 30 minutes to achieve the entire amazing effects. Doing this regularly, at least once a day, will do wonders for your wellness. This might be something you do every morning while you are in your backyard, or when you take your kids to the park and want to kick your shoes off. It is also a great reason to go to the beach more often and stand with your bare feet in the sand or the ocean.

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