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4 Types of Adaptogen Herbs for Treatment

When you’re facing a potentially frustrating disorder like that of the adrenals, there are a helpful number of natural treatments that you can employ to help you deal with the troubling disorder. One of the most celebrated types of treatment in the natural medicine world is the use of adaptogen herbs, which are powerful non-stimulating […]

5 Powerful Herbs Proven to Aid Heart Health

Everywhere you look these days, new fad diets and miracle foods are being sold to the public with promises of what they can offer. This can naturally be overwhelming. Fortunately, numerous scientific studies have shed some light on how various foods can help people achieve their health goals. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge […]

Slow Down Your Aging Process With These Herbs

Even as you age, it is possible to still feel confident, energetic, and happy by using anti-aging remedies. Among these are a wide variety of natural herbal remedies that can have many anti-aging benefits. These can be used to help combat any adverse effects brought by aging. Here are a few of the best herbs […]

Homemade DIY Healing Herb Tinctures

Tinctures are a healing agent that you may have heard of or seen in herbal shops, health food stores, and in herbal medicine books. These liquids are generally very potent and can contain one herb or a myriad of different herbs and plants used to combat specific issues. For instance, you may find a tincture […]

Level up Your Honey With This Herbal Recipe

If you have been using herbal remedies and natural medicine at all, then you already know the power of using honey for many of your health needs. Honey can be used in daily beauty routines, to reduce skin issues and plenty of other applications. What you may not know is that you can increase the […]

3 Healing Herbs to Use in Homeotherapy

The world of natural and holistic health often involves natural herbs. These herbs are used in homeotherapy, a therapeutical system where you heal physical and medical conditions with more natural remedies. They are the same herbs you grow in your herb garden or that you use to season your food, but they also have plenty […]

The Amazing Benefits of Catnip Herb

Herbs are often recommended as natural remedies for different physical and mental health issues. You may already be familiar with herbs like lavender and basil, however, there are other incredible, less common herbs to consider. Catnip herb is one of them. While it is terrific for cats, humans also benefit from it. Below are some […]

Do You Have These in Your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

If you have been seeking natural treatments for different cuts, bites, and stings, there is an abundance of tips and recommendations out there that can help you make your all-natural medicine cabinet. Here is a quick list of standard healing articles you might consider including in your medicine cabinet. Healing Herbs Medicinal herbs are a […]