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5 Fantastic Age-Defying Essential Oils

Cleansers, toners, lotions, and serums are all part of the beauty arsenal to combat the effects of aging on facial skin. If you are seeking for ways to enhance the anti-aging power of your skincare routine, try incorporating essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated, potent plant extracts used to improve wellness and beauty. Health and […]

Witch Hazel: A New Great Addition to Your Essential Oil Kit

For the uninitiated, witch hazel is a type of shrub with delicate yellow flowers that exude mild fragrance. This plant’s leaves and flowers are where essential oil is extracted, which is then used in astringent lotions as it provides multiple health benefits. If you want to go all-natural and use natural herbs for holistic or […]

Aromatherapy: A New Path to Healing

Not all healing requires any medications, chemicals, or even a doctor’s visit. Aromatherapy is an amazing healing treatment you can take to give comfort to both your mind and body. Before you explore the wonderful world of aromatherapy, you first need to learn what essential oils you can use. Before anything else, a little knowledge […]

Do You Have These in Your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

If you have been seeking natural treatments for different cuts, bites, and stings, there is an abundance of tips and recommendations out there that can help you make your all-natural medicine cabinet. Here is a quick list of standard healing articles you might consider including in your medicine cabinet. Healing Herbs Medicinal herbs are a […]