3 Healing Herbs to Use in Homeotherapy

The world of natural and holistic health often involves natural herbs. These herbs are used in homeotherapy, a therapeutical system where you heal physical and medical conditions with more natural remedies. They are the same herbs you grow in your herb garden or that you use to season your food, but they also have plenty of medicinal properties.

Here ar some healing herbs and how they are used for homeotherapy.


Ginger surely deserves a place on this list. It is one of the best herbs with the most healing benefits. While it is more popularly known as an herb that spices up dishes, it is also fantastic for your digestive health. For this reason, people often add ginger to their tea or drink a ginger soda when they have a stomach ache. Ginger has natural soothing properties that calm the stomach and the rest of the body. Moreover, it helps reduce inflammation in the body, provides natural antioxidants, and helps boost your immune system. If those are not enough, ginger also helps with diabetes, infections, chronic pain, and so much more. In effect, you would want to consider this herb if you are interested in herbal homeotherapy.

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Ginseng is the next one on the list, and like ginger, you are probably familiar with it. You can use it in foods or drinks, and a wide range of other purposes. Many people find ginseng supplements at their local drug store or health food store as the primary homeopathic remedy. This herb can reduce headaches, works as a natural stimulant for extra energy, helps alleviate indigestion, and even infertility.

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Milk Thistle

You may or may not be familiar with this herb, but it has been used for centuries in traditional homeopathic medicine. It is a plant with seeds that contain bioflavonoids that help with physical stress and naturally boost your immunity. Milk thistle also has anti-inflammatory properties that improve digestion, promote your skin health, and reduce swelling.

Perhaps the best thing about herbs is you can harness their amazing benefits by cooking them, making beverages like tea or infused water, and by making tinctures, tonics, and salves that you apply directly on your skin.

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