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4 Types of Adaptogen Herbs for Treatment

When you’re facing a potentially frustrating disorder like that of the adrenals, there are a helpful number of natural treatments that you can employ to help you deal with the troubling disorder. One of the most celebrated types of treatment in the natural medicine world is the use of adaptogen herbs, which are powerful non-stimulating […]

3 Ways To Add Ginger Into Your Diet

Ginger is used in a variety of ways in many people’s diets, like to help settle stomach upset during pregnancy. Though the spice is available in candied, powdered, pills, and tea forms, many people are still not sure how to add it into their diet directly. If you are considering adding ginger into your new […]

Why You Should Use Herbal Adaptogens

When you start learning about holistic medicine and the different ways to use herbs for healing purposes, the term ‘herbal adaptogen’ will probably come up. An herbal adaptogen is a type of substance that occurs naturally (i.e., an herb) that can help your body react better to stress and fatigue. There is a wide range […]

Top 3 Herbs to Improve Your Fertility

When you are considering your menu plan to help boost your fertility, you may be looking at only your solid food. There are some other things to consider, like herbs that will help as well. These herbs can be added to your meals, taken as supplements, or added into your juices and smoothies. If you […]

4 Best Herbs for Boosting Your Brain Health

At this point, you’re probably very well aware that nutrition and the way that you absorb nutrients has a lot to do with the number of benefits you gain from what you’ve eaten. People have used nutrient-rich foods like herbs for thousands of years to avoid illness and cure sicknesses that arise suddenly in a […]

5 Powerful Herbs Proven to Aid Heart Health

Everywhere you look these days, new fad diets and miracle foods are being sold to the public with promises of what they can offer. This can naturally be overwhelming. Fortunately, numerous scientific studies have shed some light on how various foods can help people achieve their health goals. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge […]