The Amazing Benefits of Catnip Herb

Herbs are often recommended as natural remedies for different physical and mental health issues. You may already be familiar with herbs like lavender and basil, however, there are other incredible, less common herbs to consider. Catnip herb is one of them. While it is terrific for cats, humans also benefit from it. Below are some reasons why you should have the catnip herb on hand all the time.

It Encourages Sleep

Many people experience difficulty sleeping. Perhaps you are agitated or stressed out. Insomnia is not uncommon, and it comes in a variety of forms, such as difficulty falling sleeping and waking up multiple times a night. Natural remedies like the catnip herb can help alleviate this. Not only does this herb make your cats active and energetic, it interestingly does the opposite to humans. What it does is slow down your heart rate, reduce stress, and provide soothing qualities. Drink a cup of catnip tea during your bedtime hours and expect an immense improvement in your sleep.

It Reduces Inflammation

There are a wide variety of medical conditions and illnesses associated with inflammation, like gout, arthritis, swollen joints caused by sprain, and hemorrhoids. The inflammation results to swelling, which affects how well you can move the joint while also causing a bit of pain. The catnip herb is a good remedy for inflammation as it has properties that not only relaxes the mind and body, but also reduces inflammation. As it speeds up the healing process of the body, it can greatly help with injury like a sprained ankle.

It Alleviates Stress and Anxiety

Daily consumption of catnip tea can immensely help with mental health, including stress and anxiety. The sedative properties of the herb help your mind and body relax, relieving you from stress. This calming effect is also helpful for anxiety and panic attacks. For people who tend to experience more anxiety during bedtime, drinking catnip tea would be a perfect remedy.

You can get the catnip herb as a seed or plant that you can grow in your backyard, or you can purchase the dried grass from an herbalist or natural health store. Or you can resort to RefleTox from Orgaanics to get the same benefits as the catnip herb but in the form of sap sheets. It can help strengthen your immune system, improve circulation, relieve pain and arthritis, reduce stress, and help you sleep better.

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