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3 Spices to Jump-start Your Metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism will help take the weight off, but also keep it off. Some people are born with a faster metabolism than others. But just because you might not be one of those lucky people doesn’t mean you can’t make your metabolism work faster with the foods you eat. As a matter of […]

A Quick Guide to Five-Day Fasting for Better Metabolic Health

Fasting has been a health and anti-aging method for centuries. Not only does a five day fast provide a boost to the immune system, but it also reduces your risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. A five-day fasting plan was recently introduced, which doesn’t completely cut out all food, but restricts calories to either a […]

Top 3 Factors That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Weight management and your metabolism are fiercely intertwined. Metabolism is defined as the process through which people break down food to nourish and repair themselves. It regulates your absorption of nutrients and how they are stored in the body. When you want to achieve health goals and reach a lower weight, variances or changes in […]

Tone Your Problem Areas With These Exercises

Many women are uncomfortable with some parts of their bodies. So, it is fortunate that the smallest tweaks can lead to some significant weight loss and a leaner physique. Here are the most common problem areas that women are most concerned with, how to combat them, and ways to lead a healthier lifestyle through exercise […]

Save Yourself From Going Bonkers During Quarantine With These Activities

For a few days, being stuck at home because of the pandemic can seem quite lovely and refreshing, as it lets you take time off the outside world. However, by and by, you start feeling bored, and sometimes you get so bored you think you’re going to lose your mind. Don’t worry, that’s how most […]