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Hark! This Is the Right Way of Tackling a Pandemic

In the initial strike of a pandemic outbreak, some people refuse to believe its dire existence, while others are confident the breakout will not reach them. However, as it spreads, people begin to see reality. When the situation has been declared a pandemic, panic rapidly encompasses the globe. Panicking, however, is not an effective way […]

Survive an Outbreak with a Pandemic Emergency Kit

To survive a pandemic with the least amount of damage, you must be prepared, especially if there is going to be a lockdown. Prepare yourself for an outbreak and a possible lockdown by assembling an emergency kit and stock up necessary supplies. What Your Emergency Kit Should Have Before an Outbreak Before the outbreak spreads […]

Got Kids? Keep Them Entertained with These Activities!

The impact of a pandemic is all-encompassing, regardless of gender or age. The youth is affected as much as adults are, and because of their need to move, interact, and focus on specific activities, being stuck at home might hurt their developmental processes. Now that they can’t go to school, play with other kids or […]

Save Yourself From Going Bonkers During Quarantine With These Activities

For a few days, being stuck at home because of the pandemic can seem quite lovely and refreshing, as it lets you take time off the outside world. However, by and by, you start feeling bored, and sometimes you get so bored you think you’re going to lose your mind. Don’t worry, that’s how most […]

Fun and Creative Activities to Share With Your Family This Quarantine!

Home is where our heart is, but being stuck in it for months, even with our family, can make every day seem bleak and monotonous. It is especially true for families who do the same activities day after day, like binge-watching and playing board games. While these activities can be exciting, the amount and quality […]

Juicing for Health


Life gets busier by the day, and to make up for lost time we often try to cut corners. However, we shouldn’t neglect our health just because of fast living. This is one of the reasons why juicing has become so popular.
It’s quick, nutritious and convenient.
Nutrients – Vitamins and Minerals
If you’re juicing for better health, one of the benefits is in providing you with the necessary nutrients that may be lacking in your current diet.
Juicing is a great way to get the vitamins and minerals you need, even if you are busy and on the run. It’s also a great way to get the kids to ‘eat their fruits and vegetables’ without too much fuss.