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Warning: The Danger of Having Belly Fat Nobody Told You Yet

If you want to tone your tummy and clear up all the fat in your belly area, you have made a great choice.  Fat in belly areas is not only unsightly, but it’s also dangerous to your health. Impact of Belly Fat on Your Health Building up and maintaining a lot of fat in your […]

Top 3 Factors That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Weight management and your metabolism are fiercely intertwined. Metabolism is defined as the process through which people break down food to nourish and repair themselves. It regulates your absorption of nutrients and how they are stored in the body. When you want to achieve health goals and reach a lower weight, variances or changes in […]

How Your Metabolism Affects Your Weight

When you’re trying your best to get into better shape, it can be very frustrating to keep returning to the scale only to see how little progress you’ve made. When you’ve tried every new diet and bought every book, things can seem impossible, but could it be something other than diet that’s keeping that extra […]

How To Eat Healthily Without Starving Yourself

For a lot of people, the scariest thing about changing their eating habits is often the fear that they will have to endure days of feeling hungry and unsatisfied after meager meals. If this is one of the things that is keeping you from trying to eat healthily, then you will be delighted to know […]