A Quick Guide to Five-Day Fasting for Better Metabolic Health

Fasting has been a health and anti-aging method for centuries. Not only does a five day fast provide a boost to the immune system, but it also reduces your risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

A five-day fasting plan was recently introduced, which doesn’t completely cut out all food, but restricts calories to either a third or half of your usual daily consumption for five days.

Improving your metabolic health by fasting can give your body a boost, which will slow the aging process and help you enjoy long term health benefits by regenerating the complete immune system.

However, complete (no food at all) fasting can be dangerous, and few people can stick to a long term fast of eating nothing. You can choose a fasting diet that restricts calories but triggers the same results in your body that a complete fast can do.

A new fasting diet has emerged through many studies that can affect all-food restricted fasting. Named “Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD),” this diet involves following the diet plan for five full days per month and then eating what you want for the remainder of the month.

The diet consists of the following caloric and nutrition input:

  • Day 1: 1,090 calories (10% protein; 56% fat; 34% carbohydrates)
  • Day 2 to 5: 725 calories (9% protein; 44% fat; 34% carbohydrates)

The amazing results for this diet plan on a group of people indicated that the group had reduced biomarkers connected to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and aging within three months.

The people had also reduced overall body fat and lost unwanted pounds. The study also had the participants eat as they usually did on the remaining 25 days of the month. They were not to change their diet habits at all – good or bad – they ate as they normally would.

Positive results were achieved and maintained even after the end of the 25 days. The same study conducted on young mice with the equivalent of the restricted diet fed to humans showed regeneration of the organs’ stem cells.

During this time, the brain created new neurons, which tend to improve learning ability and memory. When the same study was conducted on middle-aged mice, the results showed the immune system was boosted, cancer risk factors, inflammatory conditions were lowered, and the mice’s cognitive abilities were improved.

Researchers believe the FMD plan virtually tricks the body into a slower aging process by reprogramming it and rejuvenating stem cells. For those who can’t stick to a complete no-food fasting program, this plan has been found to have the same results and is much easier to complete.

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