Save Yourself From Going Bonkers During Quarantine With These Activities

For a few days, being stuck at home because of the pandemic can seem quite lovely and refreshing, as it lets you take time off the outside world. However, by and by, you start feeling bored, and sometimes you get so bored you think you’re going to lose your mind. Don’t worry, that’s how most of the world feels, too. What you can do to keep yourself sane during lockdown is to keep yourself busy and to have fun. Below are some engaging activities you can do at home.

Tidy up or Redecorate Your Home

Let’s admit it, there are areas in your house that you don’t want anyone snooping around to because of the filth that has built up over the many months of no cleaning. You might have been blaming it on your busy schedule, but now you have all the time you need to unclutter and put things in order. A nice and tidy house makes indoor activities a lot more fun and enjoyable. It will also allow you to work from home with less distraction and generally give you a healthier mindset throughout the day. If you want to take it up a notch, you can redecorate different rooms in your house, like the living room. You can get inspiration online, from blogs and YouTube. In the end, the revamping of your house is all up to you.

List Down All the Things You’ve Always Wanted to Do

Time is often the culprit of unaccomplished dreams and aspirations. People of this time and age never seem to have time to do things other than work. If you are stuck at home right now, you can use the extra time in your hands to do the things you know you want to do with your life. The first step, though, should be to list them down. The next step would be to do each one of them. Making progress and achievements are excellent sources of inspiration that will prevent you from going crazy.

Learn or Improve a Skill

The internet allows us to learn without walking into a physical classroom or university. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills or master what you currently know and come out of this lockdown a little more knowledgeable. You may not know this yet, but you can use the skills you learn from home to get the job you’ve always wanted! Keeping your brain active will also stop it from wandering around crazy thoughts and feelings of doom during this time of isolation.

Try Vlogging/Blogging

If you’ve been spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos and reading blogs, you should consider vlogging or blogging (or even both!). It’s easy to start your own YouTube channel or create a blog, though you might want to research the kind of journey you will be taking before you do it. The best thing about these is the content is all up to you, and the goal is to have fun and use them as an outlet to let out whatever has been bottling up inside of you.

Pamper Yourself

In hard times, the worst thing you can do on purpose is to be hard on yourself. According to studies, self-pampering can be very therapeutic. If you are stuck at home, it wouldn’t be wrong to give yourself daily pampering. You don’t have to have spa sessions every day to do this. A simple bubble bath surrounded by scented candles or reading your favorite book while sipping a warm cup of Kape Supremo 8-in-1 Coffee Mix from Orgaanics will be good enough to put you in relaxation.

Plan for the Holidays

Thinking about and planning for the future is a fantastic way to get your mind off the craziness. Future events like holidays give us joy and hope, and even if it’s only August and Christmas is far from the horizon, it will not hurt to list things you would like to do then. Start researching possible destinations and activities you can do with your friends and family. Planning emanates positive feelings for the future, which can be beneficial in avoiding feelings of doom during this pandemic lockdown.

Learn a New Language

Learning a language is both fun and educational, so it is a perfect activity to engage in during a pandemic like this one. It will keep your brain working, and who knows, you might come out of this lockdown with excellent French-speaking skills! To keep yourself motivated to learn a language, try to choose one that is being spoken in a country you would like to visit.

List Down New Goals

A pandemic will pass, and life will return to normal. Take some time to reflect on your goals, what you have achieved, and what you can do better. Come up with new goals and hit the ground running when things go back to normal. That, or you could list goals you can achieve in your own home. You can take online cooking classes or shed those extra pounds. It’s all in your hands! If losing weight is one of the goals you have on your list, drink Santé Fit n’ Trim from Orgaanics to help you achieve this, the natural way.

Engage in a New Personal Project

Having an ongoing project gives us a reason to push forward every day. It gives us a sense of purpose. So if you are stuck at home, come up with a project and get started with it. It can be anything, like craft projects, genealogical tree, and pot planting. Let your imagination go wild and you might just discover something new about yourself.

Revisit Old, Forgotten Games and TV Shows

Being stuck at home is also an excellent opportunity to catch up on some TV shows and rediscover some old and forgotten games that you were once watching or playing. If you are at home with your family you could revisit some classic board games.

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