Surprising Techniques for Urgent Energy Boost

No matter how you take care of yourself, you are still bound to succumb to stress, workload, occasional sleeplessness, and demands on your time and energy. During these times, you need to have an arsenal of energy boosters that can pick you up off the floor and get you going again in a short amount of time. Having enough time to do everything on your list is essential to getting through every day, knowing you have done the best you can do.

However, when your energy levels falter, fatigue sets in and renders you paralyzed. We all know that eating well and exercising can boost energy levels and that quick pickups in the afternoon can be solved by a cup of tea, a quick walk, or a handful of nuts.

But many energy problems can be solved by adding a few easy tricks that you’ll be surprised and delighted to know about. Add these quick energy fixers to your arsenal of fatigue-fighters:

Perform Deep Yoga Breaths

You may notice that when you experience stress and fatigue, your breaths come in short spurts rather than deep, cleansing intakes of oxygen. When you breathe properly, you increase your oxygen level, and this can benefit your brain and your body.


This is an instance where adding something else to your bursting schedule can boost your energy and increase your happiness, self-esteem, and mood. Doing something for someone else can turn around feelings of fatigue and tremendously boost your energy.


You would not think that going without food could be an energy booster, and it is not recommended that you do it during a full day of multi-tasking. But when you fast periodically, you can achieve an adrenaline rush and an increase in your metabolism that benefits you in many ways, including boosted energy levels.

Take More Omega-3

Are you getting enough Omega-3 fats in your diet? If not, you may experience energy slumps more often than you should. Omega-3 fats come in nuts, fish, and some oils. You will feel much more alert and energetic by adding this valuable nutrient to your diet plan.

Also include the obvious happiness-boosters in your life. Laughing, setting goals for yourself, and getting enough sleep can mean more to your energy levels than you can imagine.

The mind is so powerful when it comes to having enough energy to do it all. Take some time during the day to feed your mind and relax it to prepare for the times that it has to perform. Get inspired about your life and what you do and have, and those lethargic feelings will become non-existent.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that you eat healthy energy-boosting breakfast and snacks to help you stay active during the day, like Santé FibrEnergy from Orgaanics. Tackle your day with this satiating combination of superfoods, namely barley, oats, and chia seeds.

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