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Why Everyone Needs More Vitamin D&nbsp

Food fortification was a marvelous invention that helped put an end to a variety of vitamin deficiency disease all over the world that had been plaguing mankind throughout history. When you grab a container of milk out of your refrigerator, it’s fairly easy to go every day of your life without ever asking yourself, “Why […]

Health Benefits of Oat Milk

Over the past year, a lot of health and wellness trends have popped up. But one that seemed to go at full speed and get the attention of health-inspired people everywhere is oat milk. It is no surprise since dairy-free milk like almond and cashew has been popular for several years now. Oat milk is […]

Vitamin K: The Least Popular, Most Underrated Vitamin of All

When you are trying to be as healthy as possible, it often includes increasing your vitamins and minerals. One of the vitamins that is frequently overlooked is vitamin K. This is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that provides various chemical compounds. You can find vitamin K through a supplement, multi-vitamin, or with certain foods. Why […]