Vitamin K: The Least Popular, Most Underrated Vitamin of All

When you are trying to be as healthy as possible, it often includes increasing your vitamins and minerals. One of the vitamins that is frequently overlooked is vitamin K. This is a type of fat-soluble vitamin that provides various chemical compounds. You can find vitamin K through a supplement, multi-vitamin, or with certain foods.

Why You Need Vitamin K

The first thing you should know is vitamin K is not a vitamin on its own like vitamin E or vitamin A. It is actually a term used for different fat-soluble compounds combined into one group. There are various vitamins included, such as vitamin K through vitamin K3. These are all important for your body, especially if you get injured. Everyone gets injured, even with minor accidents, so it is the protection your body needs. With enough vitamin K in your body, you can have normal blood clotting and protect your bones and tissues from injuries.

How to Get Vitamin K Naturally

Everyone gets to take a vitamin K supplement or a multi-vitamin with vitamin K, but you might want to go for the natural food sources instead. This is a popular option because you don’t take extra pills, and are more encourages to follow a healthy diet. Here are some foods that contain this important vitamin:

  • Kale – Kale and other green leafy vegetables contain the highest amount of vitamin K per serving. For ½ cup of kale, you are getting more than 100 percent of the amount of vitamin K you need each day.
  • Spring Onions – Spring onions, or scallions, has more 103 mcg, which is more than you need a day for your vitamin K intake.
  • Broccoli – A single serving of broccoli, which is about ½ cup, gives you a little over half of your recommended amount of this vitamin.
  • Brussels Sprouts – If you enjoy brussels sprouts, try to have at least ½ cup in order to get close to 100 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin K.
  • Cabbage – Try ½ cup of cabbage a day to get over your recommended daily amount of vitamin K.
  • Cucumbers – A single serving of cucumbers gives you over half of what you need each day of this vitamin. Add them to a salad with your spring onions and kale, and that’s all you need.
  • Dairy – While a smaller amount, having dairy does give you some vitamin K, so you get more of these nutrients.

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