Got Kids? Keep Them Entertained with These Activities!

The impact of a pandemic is all-encompassing, regardless of gender or age. The youth is affected as much as adults are, and because of their need to move, interact, and focus on specific activities, being stuck at home might hurt their developmental processes. Now that they can’t go to school, play with other kids or engage in any outdoor recreational activities, it is our responsibility as parents and guardians to lessen the unfavorable impact of the lockdown on children. Since we are dealing with children here, we need to be as creative as we can be in thinking of activities they will both enjoy and benefit from in a developmental level. Here are some activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained during the quarantine.

Play Board Games

Kids are huge fans of games, especially group games. There is an array of board games your kids can play to stay distracted during a pandemic. If you can’t get a hand of a board game they request for, you can opt for an online version of that board game instead. As long as you provide them with games that they love, they will have a lot of fun. This is also a great opportunity to spend quality time with them by taking part in some of the games. Keep in mind that it is important to let your kids choose the game they will play to give them a sense of responsibility and independence.

Play Brain-Teasers

Games are not only there to entertain, but they can also give your kids intellectual exercise to keep them mentally sharp. These games will keep them competitive and engaged at the same time. Motivate your children by complimenting them when they accomplish a level or stage, and when they encounter failure, encourage them to try again. Treat these gamified brain activities as if they were your children’s homework.

Try Online Games

There is a vast number of online games available on the internet, and digital games seem to capture the attention of kids nowadays. You can let them play games with their friends online but remain vigilant of the kind of games and activities they choose to do, as the internet can be good or bad for them.

Involve Your Kids in House Chores

Doing household chores may not appeal to every kid, but it is a great activity to engage them in. You can teach them or request for a hand with the chores to make it more interesting for them. There are a variety of things they can help with, such as prepare their favorite meal, set the table, and dust the furniture. For older kids, you can have them help with washing or folding the laundry. Some kids love it when they do something that their parents encourage or ask them to do.

Come up With a Family Project

Family projects are fantastic in keeping each member of the family entertained and occupied. You can come up with any kind of project that interests your family and your kids will enjoy. It does not have to be a school project, as long as it is something they can actively participate in. You can grow pot-based plants, repaint the bedrooms, build a 3D puzzle, or create your genealogical tree. You could even learn a family dance on YouTube or form a band if you have instruments lying around.

Offer Books to Read

It is very beneficial for your kids if you expose them to books at an early age. Books are a great way to entertain your kids as well as educate them. Let them choose books that interest them and are age-appropriate. You can ask them for a summary or learning they had from the book they read every day. Not only will this keep them occupied, but it will also be perfect to work out their brain and feed their curiosity. Make sure you provide rewards for each completed book.

Help Out With Their Homework

Because of online classes, your kids may be given n assignments and homework. Don’t let homework become dull and excruciating for them. Keep them entertained by helping them out. However, if their school does not provide any assignments, you can come up with your own. Try to focus on areas your kids struggle with at school and give special attention to those when you’re guiding them.

Watch Movies Together

Movies are without a doubt a great source of entertainment for both adults and kids. You could watch one or two movies a day with your kids as a form of entertainment. Make sure that the movies you will have them watch do not have any violence or sexual content in them.

Involve Them in Planning

You don’t need to come up with activities on your own. It will be easier for you and more fun for your kids if you involve them right from the planning to the execution. This will also empower them and make them feel they have control over what entertains them. All you have to do is approve of the kind of entertainment they choose and happily participate when asked.

Help Cultivate Their Talents

Now that most of us have more time in our hands, you can take advantage of it and help discover or develop your child’s talent. For instance, if your child aspires to become an artist, buy them color books, pencils, and crayons. You could even go farther and visit reputable art galleries online and explain what each photo symbolizes, where and when the painting was made, and what inspired the artist to produce that particular painting.

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