Fun and Creative Activities to Share With Your Family This Quarantine!

Home is where our heart is, but being stuck in it for months, even with our family, can make every day seem bleak and monotonous. It is especially true for families who do the same activities day after day, like binge-watching and playing board games. While these activities can be exciting, the amount and quality of fun tend to dwindle over time. Nowadays, most of us have time in our hands to spend with our loved ones. So it becomes a challenge to come up with new, creative activities that will keep boredom at bay. Discussed below are some fun ideas to boost your family time.


Origami is the art of paper-folding, derived from Japan. It involves folding paper to create various lovely shapes like plants, animals, and others. It is a relaxing and exciting art form that anyone can learn. Plus, what you need to learn, you already have on-hand. All it requires is paper (origami paper, if you’d like), color pencils, scissors, and glue. Video-sharing platforms like YouTube can be helpful as you can follow step-by-step tutorials together as a family. If your family likes a little bit of competition, you can even lead an Origami contest and select the best Origami art. If you want to take this activity a notch higher, you can do what some artists are doing, which is to add some LED lights to the paper shapes to liven up the artwork with some beautiful light and colorful scenery. You can even display them around your house so that you will have family-made house decorations.

Indoor Camping

If you and your family love camping but haven’t been able to do so because of quarantine, indoor camping is the second-best option you can take. It is a fun activity that is easy to set up, and everything you need, you already have in your home. It is up to you and your family’s imagination to make your indoor campsite as creative as you want it to be. You can turn your living room into a camp out space, switch off the lights, take turns sharing stories while roasting marshmallows on a portable burner, and drinking a luscious and healthy cup of Santé Choco Barley from Orgaanics.

Make Short Movies

Maybe one of the best things you love doing with your family is watching movies, but have you ever thought of making your own together? You can be as imaginative as you want to be in writing the scripts and filming the entire thing. You don’t need anything too fancy to do this, either. You can do short video clips and record using your smartphone or camcorder is you have one. The important thing is to ensure that everyone participates and has a role in the process, such as writing the script, choosing the characters’ look, and the acting part. If your family is big enough, you can divide family members into departments to make everything more organized. Keep the dialogue short, so you won’t have to memorize many words. You can even turn your whole house into a movie set, and that will be so much fun!

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is another great way to have quality time as a family. To make it more enjoyable, have one person set up the hunting clues and divide the rest of the family into groups. The more family members, the more exciting the hunting will be! The hunting clues should consider all age groups of the family so everyone can actively participate and have a good time.

Indoor Olympics

Wacky and active members of the family will undoubtedly enjoy the indoor Olympics, but it can be a source of entertainment for all. Manage ten competitions that are doable indoors. These activities must vary in nature and difficulty, so there will be no dull moments, and everyone can participate. At the end of each “event,” assign points according to ranking. The family member with the highest points at the end of all the activities will be declared the winner. Some activities you can include in the “tournament” are eating competition, cup golf, bucket ball, and song lyrics.

Family Master Chef

If you happen to have more ingredients in your pantry than you need, you can surely enjoy a cook-off battle with your family. The mechanics will be just like in Master Chef you see on TV. For the uninitiated, you need to divide your family into teams that will compete in creating an entirely new dish using a chosen set of ingredients. To make everything more interesting, write down the different elements on a spin wheel and let it choose the only ingredients you are allowed to use in the cook-off.

After all the fun and eating, make sure to clean the dishes with Clean It Dishwashing Liquid from Orgaanics, so you will never worry about germs on your flatware again.

Family Project

If you spend most of your days together as a family, starting a family project might be a fantastically fun idea to work on. Whatever plan you choose to do depends on your family’s interest. You can try and do something small like DIY picture frames or do more significant projects like decorating the house together. If you have enough space for a family garden, you can do that, too!

Learn a new language

Learning a new language can be daunting, but doing it with your family can turn it into a fun-filled experience. Since it is a new language, everyone will be on par and can start together. There is a wide variety of apps and free online tutorials on the internet for you to choose from. This activity is both fun and educational, so it’s perfect. You can even plan for a future trip to the country where that new language is spoken so you’ll have more motivation to get it going!

Turn your home into an Art Gallery

Anyone has an artist in them. In this project, you’ll have to help each family member let it out of them by organizing a home art festival. Everyone needs to participate and utilize their creativity and imagination. Nobody needs to create artwork as good as Picasso’s here, though. Tell the family to express their artistic side, whatever the medium. It can be painting, drawing, googling, or making a collage out of old newspapers. In the end, showcase all the masterpieces on the walls to create your family art gallery.

Revamp you family photo album

Remove the “digital” dust from your old photos kept on your computer and start a new family photo album. It can be a fun activity to do with the family as each family member reminisces the good old souvenirs. Revamping your digital photos will also be an excellent opportunity to clear up duplicates and irrelevant pictures, freeing up valuable space on your computer or cloud storage.

Whatever activity you choose to do as a family will require energy and a well-functioning body. Sometimes, however, aches and pains in the body arise, which disables us from participating in memorable family activities like those mentioned above. So use Red Mint from Orgaanics and never miss out on the fun again.

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