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5 Simple and Toxin-Free Anti-Aging Energy Boosters

Remember when you were a child and you had to get booster shots to protect you against certain diseases? The booster was necessary because the effect of the first shot didn’t last a lifetime. The same holds true with anti-aging. You can’t just do something once and then expect it to last forever. Time, pollutants, […]

How Being Proactive in Your Happiness Can Stave off Aging

Happiness doesn’t just affect your emotional well-being. It can also affect your health. When you’re happy, not only do you feel better all over, but you can actually stave off aging. Of course, making sure that you live a lifestyle that promotes good health does help you win the fight against aging. Plus, a healthy […]

Look Younger Than Your Age With These Anti-Aging Hacks

Everyone has to go through the process of aging. The wrinkles are unavoidable and the saggy skin will eventually come. However, this does not mean that you have to sit there helplessly as you watch your body age so fast. There are some steps you can take to control your aging process. Here are the […]

Witch Hazel: A New Great Addition to Your Essential Oil Kit

For the uninitiated, witch hazel is a type of shrub with delicate yellow flowers that exude mild fragrance. This plant’s leaves and flowers are where essential oil is extracted, which is then used in astringent lotions as it provides multiple health benefits. If you want to go all-natural and use natural herbs for holistic or […]

Anti Aging Defense – Sunshine and Vitamin D

Older adults who have been housebound, institutionalized or hospitalized for extended periods face an increased risk of being deficient in vitamin D. This is firstly due to an absence of exposure to the sun’s rays, which is the body’s natural and primary source of vitamin D. Compounding this, as people age the skin’s ability to […]