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What Does it Mean to Have Memory Loss?

Memory loss has a simple definition, but living with it can range from mild to a complete life change. To have times in your memory when you just can’t recall the information you’re searching for means that you’re forgetting what you once knew. Sometimes, these things could be what you learned in school years ago […]

Short-Term Versus Long-Term Memory Loss

There are noticeable differences between short-term memory loss versus long term memory loss.  To understand how they differ, you need to first know what memory means. Just like a computer, your brain compiles data or memories. These memories consist of our childhood, our teenage years and our adulthood. In that data are the places we’ve […]

Brain Health: How to Power up Your Memory

You might feel that you have so much information packed in your brain (information overload) that some of it leak out to make room for something new, resulting in some form of memory loss. You know there’s nothing wrong with your brain and that you don’t have any health issues that make you forget things […]

5 Simple Ways to Sharpen Your Memory

How well do you remember the information that you’ve encountered? Memory is a massive part of how people see their lives because however they remember events leaves a lasting impression on later events.  One thing that people seem to forget quite often is that the human brain is an amazing and trainable part of the […]

4 Types of Memory Problems and How to Handle Them

How good is your memory? Many people wish they had a better memory than they do, but only a small percentage of people actually try to do anything about it. Fortunately, people have been experimenting with different ways to improve their memory for thousands of years. The passage of time and the study of these […]