4 Super Common Memory Problems and How to Handle Them

How good is your memory? Lots of people wish they had a better memory than they do, but only a small percentage of people actually try to do anything about it. Fortunately, people have been experimenting with different ways to improve their memory for thousands of years, and the passage of time and the study of these past methods have delivered a collection of excellent solutions. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll see a discussion of common memory problems and how to solve them. 


This memory issue is closely tied with the amount of attention you give to specific details in life. A person usually heard something in passing but isn’t absorbing the information completely at the time. This is what is seen in people when they say yes and nod when they aren’t paying attention. The best thing to do is stop and give your focus on the things happening around you. Take time to use cues to remember tasks. Awareness can be important and save lives at any moment.  

Blocked Out 

Blocked is simply a term for the thing that happens where you know a piece of information normally, but trying to recall it from memory is blocked. There isn’t currently a fully understood reason for that, but it’s possibly caused by an abundance of hormones and other chemicals causing some kind of confusion in the brain. 

Misattribution: Times, Place, People

This is when people remember many aspects of a situation but will forget some of the details and place another memory in place of that lost detail. There are usually lots of different reasons why this kind of memory issue happens, but depending on the situation, it can have serious consequences. If you have the opportunity to compare notes with others in the situation to gain perspective, it’s always a good idea. 

Transience: Use It Don’t Lose It

Transience is the name given to memory that is forgotten soon after it is learned due to lack of relevance. When you first meet someone and they give you their number or tell you something about themselves, you could likely end up forgetting some part of the information that they told you. A lot of times this happened because this information is never needed for recall, but if you become close to a person and you call them all of the time, then you’re now having to use that kind of info to help you find out what they enjoy when you’re going to be hanging out with them. The more you recall a memory, the more likely you will be to remember it. 

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