4 Ways To Train Your Brain And Sharpen Your Mind

You’re probably familiar with the concept that training can get you to a point or goal that you want to reach, but did you know that you can actually sharpen and mold your mind in a similar way to physical exercise? Lots of people are taking advantage of the techniques and methods used by intelligent and innovative individuals for years. If challenging yourself in that way interests you, then you’ll be excited to learn about how to train your brain.

Practice Focus

One of the first steps to training your brain can be to teach yourself how to focus on something. Meditation is also good for this portion of the training. When you become a master of what you think about, and for how long, your thoughts will become more organized, and it’ll become easier for you to focus on a task that you have to confront. It’s also great for silencing the noise in your mind. Start with something small like a 5-minute time frame where you only think of one thing, or nothing depending, on how you feel. As you are able to focus, increase the time by 5 minutes every few days until you are able to meditate of focus for 25 or 30 minutes.

Learn a Language

There are only a few things more enriching than learning another language. This can be massive because the languages that you speak can form ideas and inform your world view. Becoming more aware of how other languages work can give you better understanding of intent and motivation in speech. Not only that, but studies have been able to prove that people who know more than one language tend to avoid symptoms for a good amount longer than people who only know one. 

Challenge Yourself to Recall Things

Every day, there are tons of opportunities to do things to help exercise and train your mind to remember better. Whenever you are sitting in places waiting to get food, you can make it a point to try to remember the names of any staff who come by. Any little things to start off will work, and gradually increase the difficulty of your memory games. You can try to remember 4 – 6 cars that you see in front of a nearby office by your work, and attempt to see if any of them return the following day. Anything that boosts your awareness will help you to boost your memory. Use cues to remember what you were near when you remembered the cars.

Use Mnemonics to Remember

One of the oldest devices used by ancient people were Mnemonics, which was the practice of using vibrant descriptions, stories, and poems to store large pieces of information. For example, if you wanted to remember 54,5724, could say, “5 frogs, on 4 logs, wrote 5 blogs. 7 days a week, and took them 24 hours each,” or something like that, and you’ll be on your way to unlocking your potential. 

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