Arthritis: 4 Products You Will Be Thankful Existed

Arthritis is not a fatal medical condition, but it is one that can be very painful. Luckily, there are many ways to live with it and reduce the pain and discomfort in the process. There are quite a few products you can use in your everyday life that will help reduce the discomfort and make many tasks far less difficult.

Arthritis Gloves

An excellent tool to consider getting if you have arthritis is arthritis gloves. There are many different types of gloves in various styles and colors. You can often find them in drug stores, major retail stores, and medical supply stores. Many online retailers have a lot of options, including Amazon. With arthritis gloves, you are using them as a suppression product to reduce swelling and inflammation. They are good if you have rheumatoid arthritis or other forms of arthritis that tend to cause swelling and pain of your hands, fingers, and wrists.

Heat Pain Relief Products

Some people with arthritis like to use cold, while others use heat. Many people find more benefit with heat because it can help increase proper blood flow in the joints that are causing you pain, which can help find some relief. A few different types of products provide heat to the extremities, causing pain, such as electric heating pads you plug in and microwavable heating packs. There are also hot towels and the option of putting the body part in hot water, such as soaking your hand in a big bowl of water or by taking a hot bath.

Oversized Writing Utensils

If you have arthritis on hands and fingers, just using a regular size writing utensil is probably miserable. Your hands and fingers have to bend in a certain way to grasp a thin pencil or pen, not to mention however long you need to write with it. This can be excruciating after only a few minutes. Luckily, many companies sell larger writing utensils that are thicker in diameter, angled just right, and include rubber cushions so that it is a little less uncomfortable for your hands and fingers.

Rubber Grip Jar Opener

Another simple task that can be more painful than you might imagine is opening up a jar. This might be a jar of pickles or pasta sauce, that after a few tries, makes you hurt so bad you change your mind. Try to find a jar opener with a rubber grip as it helps you open the jar much more efficiently without help, but is also a lot gentler on your hands.

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