3 Fascinating Facts About Women’s Health

Health can make or break a person’s life, so it is necessary to research what you can do to stay healthy and live by what you learn. However, male and female humans are not equally created from a biological standpoint. Thus, it is essential to learn the differences between the genders and how to keep them healthy based on their physiological needs. Today, we are going to discuss some things you may not have known about women’s health.

While breast cancer naturally persists among women, heart disease puts them at a higher risk of death. One of three women dies of heart disease, while one in every 31 American women die of breast cancer. Keep in mind that symptoms of heart attack differ between men and women. Women often experience shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, and back or jaw pain before a heart attack. Other signs of heart attack among women are dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting, and pain in the lower chest area or upper abdomen. It is beneficial to understand the signs of heart issues so you can catch and treat them earlier.

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Women suffer from fewer illnesses than men because of their generally better immune systems. According to studies, women have more reliable immune systems than men do, and while research is still ongoing, some theories attempt to explain the reason behind this. Women are proven to respond better to vaccines and are less susceptible to suffer from bacterial, viral, fungal, and other types of infections. They are also more likely to survive injury and trauma. Studies suggest that this might result from the amount of testosterone in a female’s body. The more testosterone, the lower the antibody response. Some researchers also consider genetic factors of it as well, as women’s extra sex chromosomes might influence their better immune system responses.

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Women are also more flexible than men because they have more muscle endurance. This is somewhat because women’s body is designed to carry out processes that require high flexibility, like pregnancy. Women have more elastin, which is a protein that allows females to stretch and allow greater flexibility in their muscles and tendons. Furthermore, because of their body’s amazing ability to carry another human inside them for nine months, their spine flexibility is also greater. They have a curve on their lower spin that spans across three vertebrae instead of the two vertebrae in men.

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Regardless of gender, out bodies are amazing and complex, and you would have to conduct a lot of research to know how to keep yours healthy for a long time.

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