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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptoms and Treatment

If you or someone you know has rheumatoid arthritis, you are not alone. Each year, out of 100,000 people, 54 suffer from this specific type of arthritis alone. This is not a disease without hope. Although there is no formal cure, there are many different types of rheumatoid arthritis treatments used to make many symptoms […]

4 Most Common Autoimmune Conditions

There are more than 100 autoimmune conditions that strike every part of the body, from the skin to the organs and to the nervous system. Here are four of the most common autoimmune conditions: Type 1 Diabetes Approximately 1.25 million Americans have type 1 diabetes. It is also known as “juvenile diabetes” because the symptoms […]

Arthritis: 4 Products You Will Be Thankful Existed

Arthritis is not a fatal medical condition, but it is one that can be very painful. Luckily, there are many ways to live with it and reduce the pain and discomfort in the process. There are quite a few products you can use in your everyday life that will help reduce the discomfort and make […]

How Arthritis Can Ruin Your Life

If you or someone you know has arthritis, you know how hard it can make your life.  Arthritis comes in many different types. In fact, there have been over 100 known forms of arthritis.  Arthritis is a group of many different conditions that all engage in damaging the joints of the body.  Osteoarthritis The most […]

Top 5 Superfoods For Arthritis

While there are a variety of foods that can help with arthritis, there are also natural superfoods that can provide more significant benefits for the said condition. Certain superfoods reduce inflammation of the joints and provide various nutrients to help boost your general health. These foods not only help with arthritis but are great to […]