Top 5 Superfoods For Arthritis

While there are a variety of foods that can help with arthritis, there are also natural superfoods that can provide more significant benefits for the said condition. Certain superfoods reduce inflammation of the joints and provide various nutrients to help boost your general health. These foods not only help with arthritis but are great to add to your regular diet, so you cannot go wrong.


Bananas are among the best fruits for arthritis. Bananas are considered a superfood because of all the nutrients they contain, particularly potassium. Potassium is excellent at increasing bone density, which can be immensely helpful for arthritis. Also, the magnesium that is in bananas helps reduce inflammation. The best part is that bananas are very easy to add to your diet, from simply having one out of the peel to topping your morning cereal with banana slices.


Another fantastic superfood fruit for arthritis is blueberries. Blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, which can help improve your immune system. A stronger immune system helps reduce inflammation, which notoriously leads to various illnesses, including arthritis. Blueberries are especially helpful if you have rheumatoid arthritis. While noticeable effects of regularly consuming them may take some time, you should still notice a general difference over time. Add blueberries to your smoothies, put them on your salad, or mix them in with your ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Green Tea

Some drinks are considered superfoods, such as green tea. Green tea has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Regularly drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day can easily reduce inflammation in your joints and give you relief. Hence, this superfood is beneficial if you have rheumatoid arthritis. 


Tofu is a type of protein with high amounts of soy, which is excellent for treating and preventing certain types of arthritis. Regular consumption of tofu can help with osteoarthritis as it helps strengthen the cartilage and reduce how rapidly it breaks down.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are excellent for your health, due to an array of nutrients they contain. Whole grains can also help lower inflammation in your joints, which, as repeatedly mentioned in this text, reduces arthritis. With that said, try to add more whole grains to your diet. You can try whole-grain break and plenty of quinoa and whole grain rice.

Rosehip – suggested uses include as a rich source of Vitamin C, with about 1700-2000mg per 100 g in dried product, remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, reduces symptoms of knee and hip osteoarthritis, helps the immune system to fight off foreign invaders and out of control cells, facilitates fat metabolism.

Bonus: Rosehip has been proven to be a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis and can reduce symptoms of knee and hip osteoarthritis. Luckily, you can easily get an abundant amount of this fruit from Power-C – Vitamin C + Zinc from Orgaanics.

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