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Wise Work Strategies For Heart Health

When you’re at work, you tend to be focused on the task at hand. That can put your health on the back burner. But if you’re serious about keeping your heart healthy, you can use work time to your advantage. There are plenty of simple things you can do to make work a healthy place. […]

What You Need to Know About Weight and Your Heart

In modern society, there tends to be a lot of emphasis on how much you weigh. People are often trying to lose weight to look better by society’s standards. They also want to feel more energetic and healthier.   If you’re concerned about your heart, you may be particularly careful to pay attention to your weight. […]

How To Improve Your Heart Health With a Good Night’s Sleep

Research has shown that getting quality sleep consistently is one way to protect your heart. Having problems with your sleep can cause you to gain weight and feel fatigued. Lack of sleep, especially from sleep apnea, is also known to cause high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and irregular heart rate.   It’s important to take […]

Helping Your Heart With Herbal Remedies

In modern medicine, many pharmaceutical concoctions can help you to prevent and treat heart disease. But you may not be anxious to experience the possible side effects that drugs undoubtedly bring. However, there are many herbal remedies you may want to try to combat possible heart disease without using synthetic chemicals. Many herbs work to […]

Fact: Cognitive Problems Are Avoidable Even In Your 60s

There are witty sayings on cards, popular characters bemoaning forgetfulness, and social media quips ripe with zingers about getting older and forgetting things. But the truth is that forgetfulness isn’t a laughing matter – especially once you start to experience it for yourself. Far too often, we just accept something as part of life and […]

If You Have Atherosclerosis, You’ve Got To Read This

Atherosclerosis is also called arteriosclerosis, but either word may not mean much of anything to the average person.  In laymen’s terms, it means hardening of the arteries.  If you’ve been diagnosed with atherosclerosis, it’s not something that just happened all at once.  In fact, you’ve spent years leading up to the diagnosis. Throughout your lifetime […]

Facts About Heart Failure You Need To Know

When you hear the term “heart failure” you may think that the heart is going to stop at any moment.  Heart failure actually means that your heart isn’t pumping blood either because it isn’t properly filling with blood and/or it doesn’t have enough force to pump blood out of the heart entirely.  Unlike a heart […]