How to Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart

When people begin an exercise program, they often try to go from 0-100 all at one time. You may think you need to go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 6 miles every day, but doing this may cause more harm than it does good.  

If you’ve been very sedentary and aren’t used to exercise, you may want to try one of the easiest methods of physical activity around. Walking is one of the most basic exercises that can really impact your heart health.  

It’s a great type of exercise for people at any physical fitness level. But if you’ve been spending most of your time on the couch, walking is probably the best exercise with which to start.  

You may find that you can’t walk very far at first, and that’s okay. You can gradually build up your distance. For walking, you don’t need a lot of special equipment and you don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership.  

All you need is a pair of good walking shoes and a place to walk. For many people, that means opening the front door and walking in the neighborhood. For others, another location will be required for safety or weather restrictions.  

But there are many places you can walk that don’t cost money. Check with your local mall and see if they open the building for walking. Many shopping malls have groups that walk there in the morning. 

It offers a safe place for you to walk that’s not exposed to elements of cold, rain, and snow. Local schools and colleges also have tracks that are often open to the public. Your local park may also have walking trails that you can use.

When you’re starting a new routine, it often helps to enlist a buddy. Walking with someone can help motivate you to keep up your program and it also can provide safety if one of you becomes injured. 

Walking with a partner can also keep would-be predators at bay if you’re walking in a public area.  

You can start your walking program by walking around the block one or two times. 

As you walk, you’ll gradually get in better physical shape. You’ll then be able to increase the amount of distance you walk. You may also be able to walk faster and faster as you go.

Walking is an easy exercise that almost anyone can do at any age and physical fitness level. However, you should check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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