If You Have PMS, Eat These Foods

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a part of women’s lives, and in most cases, thus, it can rarely be avoided. However, you might be interested to learn that there are some dietary choices that you can make to help some relief. Here is a list of some healthy foods that can have a positive impact on your PMS symptoms.


When you are planning for meals that can help you cope with PMS, it is always good to be prepared to have a great and balanced first meal. This usually means that you want to have something high in good fats, along with some form of easily digestible proteins. One of the best foods for these is eggs. You can have a straightforward breakfast with your favorite cottage cheese, a couple of eggs (any way you like them), and some kind of lean sliced meat. Just a few slices will do as you get your day started off right.


If you have been having trouble sleeping, there is no need to worry too much. This is because difficulty sleeping is a common product of PMS. Researchers have discovered that lack of sleep may heighten the amount of pain experienced by women who suffer PMS. This is because women who sleep less than their rest period experience reduced pain tolerance. Furthermore, science has uncovered that bananas contain high levels of a very natural form of melatonin. That means that you can consume bananas right out of the peel, or use them in a meal replacement shake to get a healthy dose of what you need to get better rest at night.


In some cases, an approaching period can also introduce some feelings of depression or anxiety. One of the best things that you can do during such a time would be to eat more sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Fish like salmon are always a great source of these helpful agents, and they have been known to help reduce the number of stress hormones in the body. It is also important to note that if you ingest any substances that are classified as depressants like alcohol, then you are not doing yourself any favor.


While it might seem like a bad idea to remedy bloating with high fiber foods, it could be a great tool in helping your body to rid itself of gas-causing food remnants. These foods sweep the intestines and give them relief.

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