The 2 Methods For Quitting Caffeine

If you find that you use the word ‘need’ when talking about your morning cup of coffee or that soft drink in the afternoon, you are probably addicted to caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that you shouldn’t need to function or to survive. Now is a great time to quit caffeine so you can live a healthier and more natural lifestyle. There are two main methods for quitting caffeine, including going cold turkey and doing the gradual method. Here are some things to know about each method.

Cold Turkey

The first method you can try when you want to quit caffeine is to go cold turkey. This method is often used when you don’t want to bother with slowly reducing how much you drink, but just giving up all sources of caffeine one day and never looking back. Going cold turkey works great for some people, but can be disastrous for others. Keep in mind that when you use this method, you do risk going through caffeine withdrawal. This can cause some serious stomach aches and headaches during the first few days after having no caffeine.

However, there are also some benefits. First of all, you get through the entire detox period faster and can start on your path to being healthier much more quickly. You are also able to see exactly what caffeine was doing to your body based on how it reacts when you don’t have your coffee, energy drinks, or soft drinks anymore.


There is also the gradual method, which allows you to quit caffeine slower. There are a few ways to do this, but the important thing is that you can keep drinking less and less of your caffeine each day until finally, you don’t drink any more caffeine. One way to do it is to make two pots of coffee every morning; one regular and one decaf. Slowly start adding in more decaf and less of the full-strength coffee into your cup until finally you only have decaf. You can also start replacing just one cup of coffee or one soft drink each day with a non-caffeinated beverage, or go one full day a week, then two days, then three days. The way you use the gradual method is really up to you.

With this method, you are often able to avoid the severe withdrawal symptoms you would experience if you just stopped with all caffeine and never touched it again. On the other hand, you might find the temptations too great and cheat a little with reducing how much caffeine you have.

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