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How to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack

Heart-related issues have arisen in the last few decades, and it is one of the leading causes of death among men. While many different details and problems are surrounding these situations, it is clear that a portion of it could have been avoided through healthier lifestyle changes that promote a greater potential for healthily living […]

Are You Having a Heart Attack and Do Not Know It?

Despite its commonality and the high number of survivors, there is still a wide gap between actual knowledge about heart attacks and what the public gleaned from the movies. Real events of heart attack are often more challenging to detect and can appear in very subtle ways. Knowing these signs can serve as a great […]

Are You at Risk of Heart Disease? Find Out Here!

Heart disease is one of the most significant killer diseases there is, and it targets both men and women. However, symptoms of heart disease differ for both, and this is a challenge for many physicians. Fortunately, women can take responsibility for their health and educate themselves about their heart attack symptoms. Because of this, they […]