Stop Feeling Sluggish and Boost Your Metabolism

If your metabolism is not running as efficiently as it could, then you are at risk of gaining weight, which in turn puts you at risk of developing other diseases. ‘Boosting your metabolism’ is a bit of a buzz-phrase, and most people are aware that if they ‘boost’ their metabolism they can help reduce body fat.

You don’t need to put up with a sluggish metabolism. There are proven ways to increase the rate at which both ingested and stored energy is utilized by the body. Conversely, certain lifestyle choices (mostly diet and exercise) can cause this rate to diminish, which can make weight management more difficult, if keeping the pounds off is the aim.

You can take the necessary steps to boost your metabolism starting right now. Here are a few helpful tips to do just that.

Get Plenty of Quality Sleep

Not having adequate sleep negatively affects your health in many ways, including your metabolism. If your body doesn’t get enough quality sleep, it will start producing more of the hormone cortisol.

Increased cortisol levels in the body have been associated with increased fat storage in the body. The visceral fat tissues contain cortisol receptors. They respond to the cortisol circulating through the bloodstream, and any excess can manifest as excess fat around your waistline.

Exercise Regularly

Good things happen to your body both during and after exercising. Even when you have finished exercising, your body is still reaping the benefits many hours later. This is particularly true with any ‘high intensity interval training’ (HIIT).

This type of physical training has been found by fitness experts to be able to increase the resting metabolic rate for up to 24 hours. Squats, push-ups, jogging and sprinting are good examples of HIIT exercises.

Check Your Thyroid Function

Your thyroid health plays a critical role in dictating how well your metabolism functions. Hormones released by the thyroid trigger the release of other hormones and chemicals needed correct bodily function.

If your thyroid is not functioning as it should, then your hypothalamus (in your brain) is at risk of not receiving the required chemicals, thus affecting many processes in your body, which includes your metabolism.

If you show the signs or symptoms of a sluggish metabolism that does not respond to any other remedial management, get your hormone levels checked to see if you need to do something to correct the problem.

This is especially important if you are a mature woman, as diminished thyroid function affects this demographic far more than any other. If this is the reason for your depressed metabolic function, it will definitely need to be addressed, or the other remedies may have little effect.

Work Out in The Morning

We may know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis. However, if you want to give your metabolism the best possible boost, it is better to exercise in the morning.

Studies show that individuals who spend more time under the morning sun’s rays were found to have a lower BMI or Body Mass Index. Experts believe that this could be due to early morning sunlight being crucial to the regulation of a person’s circadian rhythms.

This means that exposure to sunlight in the morning helps to kick-start your body’s clock, this earlier triggering of metabolic increase means that the effect will be maintained over a longer period.

Stop Drinking Sugary Beverages

If you want your metabolism to be working its best, steer clear of sugar. Studies have confirmed that the increased intake of fructose-containing drinks significantly reduces a person’s metabolic rate.

Plus, sugar-laden beverages and foods are not healthy for many reasons. They encourage fat storage which harms many organs and your health is affected in too many ways to mention here.

Maintain Healthy Gut Flora

Keeping your gut working at an optimum level is a must, not just to keep bloating and heartburn at bay, but to ensure your metabolism is functioning properly. One way to make sure that your gut is working well is to make sure your gut flora is healthy.

If there is an imbalance between the healthy and bad bacteria in the gut, it can also cause an increase in fat and carbohydrate absorption. This translates to more fats being stored in the body. Again, the biggest influencer of good vs bad gut microbes is diet.

Eat the Right Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Eating the right foods can help power up your metabolism. You need to choose the foods that will give you the nutrients needed for a faster metabolism.

Spice up your meals with jalapeños, chili peppers and other spicy foods. Protein rich foods are also among the must-haves on your metabolism boosting diet plan. Make sure each food is helping and not suppressing your metabolism.

Don’t Skimp on Water

There aren’t any safe limits to dehydration. Once your body lacks its required amount of water, several body processes suffer. You may not notice the effects of dehydration immediately. Each biological process that takes place in your body needs water to be completely carried out.

The muscles are made up of 70% of water and they can’t perform properly if they are dehydrated. Remember, your heart is a muscle and needs water to work well. In addition, the process of converting fats into fuel will also be restricted if you don’t drink enough water. Therefore, the need for you to drink sufficient water to speed up your metabolism cannot be overemphasized.

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