Proven Ways You Are Destroying Your Brain

In the last few years, scientists on health have accumulated a massive amount of research that aims to create health programs that will help them reach their personal goals. In this search, they have uncovered unprecedented amounts of useful information about the right kinds of foods to eat, which can also be associated with cognitive health. However, do you ever wonder which foods you should be avoiding? Below we will discuss the worst brain foods.

Sugar Filled Drinks

Sodas are some of the most popular beverages in the world. The soda industry has become large enough to rival oil processing because they are both deeply embedded in all 99% of the world’s restaurants. This massive take out has not been without visible effects either, as some countries have been looking for ways to limit their presence with little or no real push behind it. Sugar is responsible for a large portion of the inflammation that is seen in people. That inflammation can become a serious issue very quickly if the person drinking them is at risk of stroke.

Processed Carbs in Junk Food

These types of food are rapidly digested and processed in your body after you eat them. That means that you are heading for a significant surge of blood sugar levels. When this happens too often, it can slowly cause damage to your organs because your body cannot efficiently work when it is always going between extremes.

Processed Meats and Fats

Meat and snacks of these types have chemically-modified versions of fats in them. Many of these foods not only cause inflammation and problems in the gut, but they can also aid cancer growth to some extent. It would be a better move to eat fresh meats and snacks that you make yourself so that you are sure you do not consume any additives. It is best to keep these kinds of foods to a minimum.


The chemical was the work of a company called Searle. It is one of the early sweeteners that became available to the public, and it is known for its use among a diabetic consumer base, but it seems to have spread into quite a few other foods thanks to the direct involvement of Searle and the FDA. Animals that were tested have been found to be less sensitive than humans to drugs. Yet, it still managed to produce depression, irritability, and oxidative stress in the brains of the test animals.

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