Easy and Natural Ways to Combat Bloat

Bloating is an uncomfortable and quite embarrassing condition to have, but it is common among more than a third of the population. Overeating and gas created by sensitivity towards certain foods can cause that swollen feeling. It is important to know that some types of bloating can be signs of serious illnesses, but it can also be caused by simple dietary issues. Here are some natural ways you can reduce bloat.

Try Smaller Meals

By eating smaller meals, you can avoid experiencing bloat. It is easy and straightforward, right? If you feel uncomfortable after sit-down meals, it may be because you have gotten into the habit of overeating. Some people, bloating can be immensely reduced by eating slower than usual. Slower eating encourages better chewing of food, which lessens the likelihood of you swallowing pockets of air that gets trapped in your stomach. These simple changes in behavior can result in a better eating experience and reduced instances of bloating.

Food Allergy

As strange as it is, many people do not have any idea of food allergies they may have had for a large portion of their lives. Eating foods that your body has difficulty digesting can result in plenty of excess gas and discomfort in your gut, so it is of our best interest to have a food allergy test. There is a wide variety of common foods that cause excess gas and bloating. Some examples of these are wheat, other processed grains, lactose in dairy products, and fructose in some.

Cut Back on Fatty Food

Fatty foods are delicious, but carry with them a range of harmful effects that might not be as enjoyable as when you eat them. Foods that are exceptionally high in fat slow down the digestion. This means that you will stay full longer. However, people who often experience bloating could experience this discomfort longer as well. Eating a more balanced diet and avoiding difficult-to-digest foods can help keep you from experiencing bloat, which generally improves the quality of your life.

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